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Positional sleep therapy
shirt somnipax shirt

The somnipax positional therapy shirt is designed and approved for use in cases of positional obstructive sleep apnoea (POSA) and positional simple snoring (tongue-base snoring). Medical device class I.
The shirt rates highly for being easy to use and offering a simple mode of action. In the field of sleep medicine it has proven to be an effective, long-lasting, and inexpensive mode of therapy, in particular for reducing the CPAP therapy pressure of position-dependent sleep apnea patients. The shirt is recommended by sleep labs and ENT practices – not least because it offers exceptional comfort.

  • Tailored for you: available in all standard garment sizes (XS–XXXL), plus women’s and men’s made-to-measure styles, for a superior fit. Choose from a selection of back inserts offering varying degrees of firmness. Pick the perfect fit for you.
  • Discreet: classic T-shirt shape with V- or round neck. Perfect teamed with nightwear. Easy to forget you are wearing a medical product at all.
  • Naturally healthy: natural materials (GOTS-certified organic cotton guaranteed to be free of harmful substances) support a healthy lifestyle. Sleeping on your side feels natural and prevents snoring and interruptions in breathing. You get a better night’s sleep and perform better during the day.

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In terms of its technical properties, this is a positional wedge integrated into a T-shirt. The production process and materials used are all GOTS certified. The shirt is CE certified, made from biocompatible material, and approved for the treatment of positional obstructive sleep apnoea.

GOTS certified – for the environment, for our co-workers and for your health
somnipax shirt is GOTS certified and thus meets the rigorous ecological and social standards of the Global Organic Textile Standard.
Sustainable materials produced using certified-organic methods and in compliance with Fair Trade fair social standards. This is an end product to be used as nightwear, which is why it’s so important that it is naturally free of toxins and gentle on your skin.
somnipax shirt is manufactured in the EU to the highest quality standards.
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Our tip for severe sleep apnoea – use your positional therapy shirt in addition to CPAP therapy
Patients with severe sleep apnoea usually need high ventilation pressures during ventilation with CPAP. This can be very uncomfortable for sleep. Pressure marks on the face, painfully dry mucous membranes, and increased noise from the airflow are frequent outcomes. But it doesn’t have to be this way!
You see, when you wear a positional sleep therapy shirt alongside your CPAP therapy, the soft tissue at the base of the tongue can no longer press with full weight on your upper airways.
Reduced pressure from the soft tissues means less air pressure is required from your CPAP machine to reopen collapsed airways.

How does a positional sleep therapy shirt work?

Snoring noises and interruptions in breathing at night (‘apnoeas’) both occur when the soft issues in the upper airways relax and slacken during sleep.

For many of us, this relaxation causes the tongue to fall backwards into the throat (when lying on your back), which narrows or even temporarily closes off the airways. Vibrations and airflow turbulence then occur at this narrowed point. This is what causes the sound of snoring. If the airways become completely closed off, interruptions in breathing occur. A positional therapy aid is very effective in preventing the tongue from falling back into the throat.

How does it do that? The positional insert in the back of the shirt enables you to sleep on your side or front. Now when the tongue muscle relaxes during sleep, it does not fall backwards into the throat but rests on the inside of the cheek. As a result your airways remain open. You can sleep free from unwelcome snoring and dangerous interruptions in your breathing.