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The oxyhero CPAP pillow is designed and approved for use in conjunction with CPAP mask therapy.
You can use oxyhero CPAP pillow instead of your everyday pillow. It’s an extremely popular way to make CPAP therapy more comfortable for the user. It prevents pressure points from the CPAP mask forming on your face, particularly when sleeping on your side.

  • Reliable support for your CPAP mask: specially designed recesses and indentations in the pillow prevent the mask from slipping or leaking.
  • Healthy sleep environment: memory foam for optimal sleep comfort as well as a breathable cover to prevent moisture accumulating in the pillow.
  • Flexibility for every sleeping position: thanks to the removable pillow element, the pillow height is optimally adjusted to the body.

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In terms of its technical properties, the pillow is a two-piece pillow made of BluPur memory foam with a density of 55 kg/m³. The lower layer of foam can be removed if required. This reduces the support height of the pillow. Both foam elements inside have their own cotton-polyester cover. The outer cover of the pillow is made from a breathable cotton-polyester blend. The sides of the pillow are finished in a breathable 3D mesh.

How does a CPAP pillow work?

When you sleep on your side wearing a full-face CPAP mask, the mask will often rest against your pillow. The weight of your head presses down on your mask, and both head and mask press against the surface of the pillow. This can cause pressure points on the face at the points where the mask (mask cushion) makes contact: primarily in the cheek or chin area. For one thing, this is painful, and for another, these pressure points remain visible for some time after getting up in the morning (until they have faded).

A CPAP pillow is a very effective way to prevent pressure points forming when you sleep on your side.
How does it do this? The pillow has a recess on both the left- and right-hand sides (the shape of the pillow is somewhat similar to the shape of a butterfly).

If you sleep on your side wearing the CPAP mask, the pillow is designed so that the mask does not rest directly on the pillow, but in a recessed space (= it has no contact with the surface of the pillow).
This avoids pressure points on the face. The CPAP therapy user can feel the improved comfort.