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The oxyhero CPAP hose (also known as a CPAP tube or tubing) in standard size (22 mm connector) connects the CPAP mask to the CPAP device.

  • Long-lasting: the hose is very flexible and robust. With a plastic spiral integrated into the surface to prevent premature breakage, the hose is suitable for frequent use.
  • Hygienic: smooth surfaces on the inside make it difficult for bacteria to grow but very easy to clean (e.g. with a hose brush).
  • High grade: quality produced in Germany.

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The technical details: this is a CPAP hose with a standard-size connection (22 mm connector) with an interior hose diameter of 19 mm and a tube length of 180 cm. Suitable for use with all CPAP masks and CPAP devices available on the market with a standard connection. Not suitable for devices / masks that require a 15 mm connector.

What’s the quickest way to a clean CPAP hose?
The easiest way to clean your CPAP hose is to use a hose brush and CPAP cleaning agent.