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oxyhero CPAP-hose suspension system

oxyhero CPAP fix, the CPAP hose suspension system, keeps things neat in bed. The system guides the suspended CPAP hose through the air, from the CPAP device to the mask. The guided hose is almost completely free of tension and makes virtually no contact with the body.

  • Space: your hose no longer clutters up your bed but is suspended and guided through the air. The CPAP wearer is free to move around and there’s more space for them and their sleep companion.
  • Comfort: with the hose suspended from the elastic loop, the hose and mask are free from tension. You get better, more comfortable sleep instantly.
  • Neatness: tangling your hose when you shift position or squashing the hose by accident are things of the past.

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The technical details: oxyhero CPAP fix comprises a metal frame with a telescopic arm made of tube elements, at the end of which an elastic loop is mounted. The tube elements are designed as a push-fit system with internal elastic bands (similar to ‘tent poles’) and can be assembled and disassembled in no time – no need for instructions. The metal frame slides under the mattress and the CPAP hose is passed through the elastic loop. The hose suspension system is ready for use. This makes oxyhero CPAP fix the ideal travel companion – it folds down to about the size of a 0.5 l bottle.