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CPAP-hose cover

The oxyhero CPAP hose cover is the ideal outer lining for your CPAP hose – it gives you more comfort all-round from your CPAP therapy.

  • Comfortable: with the cover in place, your mask and face stay dry. Condensation doesn’t stand a chance in your hose and mask.
  • Restful: the soft fleece cover provides effective noise protection from disruptive pressure sounds in the tube. As no condensation can form, you also avoid unpleasant gurgling noises.
  • Snug: the warm cover encases your CPAP hose in a soft fleece outer lining. Your cosy sleep environment is not disturbed by a cold plastic tube.

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The technical details: the oxyhero CPAP sleeve is a fleeced hose cover in 100% polyester with a zip closure. The cover is approx. 190 cm long and therefore fits all standard hoses (180 cm). The cover has a fuzzy fastener at both ends which can be used to attach it to the hose.

How does a CPAP hose cover work?

The fleeced hose cover insulates the CPAP tubing from the ambient temperature. This becomes really important in winter, when the room temperature in your bedroom can drop significantly. Because of this insulation, the hose does not cool to the ambient temperature, but stays close to the temperature of the air flowing through it. As a result, the moisture in this air does not condense on the inside of the hose but is evacuated via the device.