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CPAP-hose brush

oxyhero brush, the stainless steel CPAP brush, is suitable for cleaning all standard CPAP hoses.

  • Practical: at 120 cm length the brush is very easy to handle, yet long enough to clean all standard CPAP hoses with ease.
  • Durable: stainless steel design with a durable nylon brush head. High quality product manufactured in Germany.
  • Effective: eliminates stubborn dirt and debris; prevents mould and micro-organisms growing in the hose.

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Technical details: A spiral brush in stainless steel design (rust-free) with a brush head made from nylon bristles. The brush cleans hoses with an inner diameter of 19 mm (standard hose, 22 mm connector) and is suitable for hoses with a total length of up to 240 cm (the brush can be inserted 120 cm into the hose). Not suitable for hoses with an inner diameter of 15 mm.