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Nasal dilator
somnipax pure


  • Tube design
  • Excellent for allergy sufferers – replaceable (24) filters keep air free of dust and pollen

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somnipax pure nasal dilators are designed and approved for use in cases of impaired nasal breathing.

The nasal dilators are extremely easy to use and also score highly for their sustainability. Unlike nasal strips, which are designed to be single use, nasal dilators are easy to clean and can be reused up to 60 times. They are a very effective way to improve nasal breathing.
They are mainly used in endurance sports such as running or cycling and for night-time snoring caused by impaired nasal breathing.

In terms of their technical properties, all nasal dilators are CE-certified medical products made from high-quality medical-grade plastic.

Inserting a nasal dilator for the first time can feel a bit strange.
Moistening the nasal dilator beforehand can make insertion much easier.

How does a nasal dilator work?

If nasal breathing is restricted, the body unconsciously switches to breathing through the mouth. This is true both during physical activity during the day (running, cycling) and at night when sleeping. In turn this can trigger or exacerbate snoring, or lead to reduced performance during physical activity.

A nasal dilator can be a very effective way to improve nasal breathing. It opens up the nostrils and allows more air to be drawn in through the nose.
How does it do this? You slide the dilator into the opening of the nasal cavity, and when it’s in place it opens up the nostrils. Firstly, this enables the body to draw in air more effectively, and secondly, it prevents the nostrils from closing if there’s a sharp intake of breath. Whatever happens, the airways remain open.