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XyliMelts adhesive tablets Natural flavour

XyliMelts adhesive tablets in Natural flavour are designed and approved for the relief of dry mouth.
XyliMelts are exceptionally effective and easy to use. As a treatment that really delivers, they’re a clear favourite with patients who experience dry mouth.

  • high impact and long lasting: patients report 3 x improvement in oral moisture upon waking. 4–8 h of moisturisation at night, and up to 4 h during the day
  • natural protection: made from natural ingredients, with tooth-protecting xylitol and calcium carbonate and with an alkaline pH of 8.1
  • convenient and easy: moisten the tablet and affix it to your tooth or gum. Done. Will dissolve with no residue

In terms of its technical properties, the tablet has an adhesive surface on one side. The active ingredients are picked up by saliva and absorbed by the body. The tablet dissolves completely without leaving any residue. XyliMelts adhesive tablets are a CE-certified medical device manufactured in the USA.
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How does an adhesive tablet work against dry mouth?

Dry mouth occurs when the salivary gland does not produce enough saliva to keep the mucous membranes in the mouth continuously moist. There can be many reasons for this. There may be problems with the salivary glands themselves (e.g. damage to the glands from an infection, or from an auto-immune reaction such as Sjörgens syndrome), as well as with the moisture levels in the oral cavity. For example, due to heavy breathing through the mouth or medication that dries out the mucous membranes. What’s important in this situation is to provide the mucous membranes in the oral cavity with enough moisture.

Adhesive tablets like XyliMelts are excellent for this.

So, what do they do? Simply affix the adhesive tablets to the gums or surface of the teeth. Within a few hours they dissolve, leaving zero residue. Because they dissolve slowly, the tablets deliver a continuous release of ingredients into the oral cavity. This ensures the mucous membranes stay moist by stimulating a regular flow of saliva.

Almost nothing keeps the mouth moist longer than XyliMelts
Solutions for dry mouth are numerous! Mouthwashes, moisturising gels, medications – the list goes on. But the problem with most solutions is that the effect wears off fairly quickly. You apply them once, and the moist film surface is either flushed away by saliva, or ‘swallowed away’ from the oral cavity by normal swallowing.

To benefit from a dry mouth solution, you need a time-release effect – that’s where XyliMelts adhesive tablets come in! They are fixed firmly in one place in the oral cavity and deliver a continuous flow of active ingredients. These form a thin film over the mucous membranes, which keeps them moist and stimulates the glands to produce a continuous flow of saliva. The adhesive tablet dissolves in 4–6 h (depending on conditions within the oral cavity) and during this time it maintains a moist climate within the oral cavity.

The adhesive tablets allow you to get around freely both at night and during the day without worrying about a thing. No more concerns about awkward situations, such as the tablet falling out while you’re asleep at night or during the day in the middle of a conversation. You’re free to go about your day without dry mouth holding you back in any way.

But the best thing about Xylimelts is they also care for your teeth! This is because the active ingredients xylitol and calcium carbonate also prevent plaque and tooth decay. What’s more, Xylimelts are 100% natural and contain no artificial flavours or colours.

Study results:

XyliMelts increase perceived oral moisture in the morning threefold
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XyliMelts is one of the most effective remedies for dry mouth (survey of 1,168 US dentists)
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