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somnipax rest
anti-snoring pillow

The somnipax rest anti-snoring pillow is designed to treat simple snoring resulting from sleep position.
It can replace your usual pillow, making it a very popular tool for treating snoring.

  • effective: the pillow’s smart design means you inevitably move from the supine position (on your back) onto your side during sleep; this prevents positional snoring
  • flexible: you are completely free to move around while you sleep; any position is possible. Yet, during sleep you unconsciously switch to the most comfortable position – on your side
  • comfortable: designed in a soft comfort foam. The odourless foam comes with an allergy-friendly cover which is kind to your skin

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How does an anti-snoring pillow work?

Snoring noises and interruptions in breathing at night (‘apnoeas’) both occur when the soft issues in the upper airways relax and slacken during sleep.

For many of us, this relaxation causes the tongue to fall backwards into the throat (when lying on your back), which narrows or even temporarily closes off the airways. Vibrations and airflow turbulence then occur at this narrowed point. This is what causes the sound of snoring. If the airways become completely closed off, interruptions in breathing occur. A positional sleep therapy pillow is a highly effective way to prevent the tongue falling backwards into the throat.

How does it do that? The pillow consists of two comfortable recesses with a mound rising up in between (almost like a small ‘mountain range’). When you lie on your back in the centre of the pillow, you will automatically be lying on the highest part of the pillow. This is somewhat uncomfortable, as you are actually lying on a thin ridge. Almost inevitably, when you’re in this position the head rolls sideways, and you come to rest on your side as you sleep. Because you’re resting on your side, the tongue muscle can no longer fall backwards into the throat. The airways remain clear and you sleep soundly with no unwelcome snoring noises.